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Subversion Free Version Control Software

Incredible Open Source Centralized Version Control System

Manage source code with the enterprise-level source control system. Enable developers to examine project history, recover old versions, and secure data.


Subversion is the ultimate free and open source version control software. It is a simple, easy-to-use, and reliable source control system for a variety of projects. Therefore, anyone from individuals to large-scale enterprises can use it.

Apache Subversion helps developers to collaborate and work together on the same project. Developers can manage directories, files, and the changes made to them. Besides, svn version control enables you to review history and recover older versions.

The Subversion comes with powerful and modern features such as branches, tags, merge tracking, file locking, conflict resolution, and many more. Branches are commonly used for the development of new features. You can easily merge the feature branch into the master branch with the help of this centralized version control system. The tag is used to create a snapshot of the project. Tags also allow developers to provide unique versions of the repository with concise and recognizable names.

This version control software has components for performing certain operations such as svn, svnversion, svnlook, svnadmin, and many more. svn is a command-line client program, whereas svnversion is a program for reporting the state of a working copy, and svnlook is a tool for inspecting the repository.

System Requirements

Subversion does not has any unique criteria for installation. Please check the installation section.


Subversion is shipped with powerful features of version control software. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • Branches and Tags
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Free-form versioned metadata
  • Atomic commits
  • Merge tracking
  • File locking
  • Executable flag is preserved
  • Localized messages
  • Interactive conflict resolution
  • Repository read-only mirroring
  • Binary files handled efficiently
  • Bindings to programming languages


Installing on Ubuntu

Run below commands.

$ apt-get install subversion
$ apt-get install libapache2-svn

Installing on Red Hat Linux

Run following commands.

$ yum install subversion
$ yum install mod_dav_svn


What is Subversion?

Subversion is a centralized version control system that is free and open-source. It’s used to keep track of current and previous versions of projects.

What are supported operating systems?

Subversion runs on all modern Unix flavors, as well as Windows, BeOS, OS/2, and macOS.

What is Trunk in SVN?

The trunk is a directory in which all major development takes place. Developers frequently check it out to work on the project.

What is TortoiseSVN?

TortoiseSVN is a widely used SVN client for communicating with the SVN server. It’s a Windows-based revision control, version control, and source control software.

What are components of SVN?

The SVN server and the SVN client are the two main components of SVN.