Apache James is an open-source mail server for enterprises.

Apache James Transactional Email Service

On Premise Open-Source Mail Server for Enterprises

Apache James is an open-source mail server software for big enterprises. It's a free mail server with the following supported protocols IMAP, SMTP, JMAP, POP3.


Apache James is a 100% free and open-source mail server. James stands for Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server. It’s designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution based on currently available open protocols like IMAP, SMTP, JMAP, and POP3. Apache James is also a mail application platform. It comes with a JAVA API to let you write Java code to process emails.

Apache James is a great tool which has a modular architecture based on a rich set of modern and efficient components which provides at the end complete, stable, secure and extendable Mail Servers running on the JVM. Apache James server can also be used as Incoming Mail Server, and Outgoing Mail Server (Mail Transfer Agent), by enabling only SMTP or as a IMAP Mail Delivery Agent.

Security is one of the most prominent features of the Apache James. It is configured by default to avoid being an SMTP open-relay server. SMTP Auth and “Verify Identity” options are enabled by default when you first install Apache James. It supports SSL/TLS and all outgoing SMTP traffic is transmitted via SSL.

Being an enterprise grade email server performance is the number one priority of Apache James. It is benchmarked against the best tools available and across all the protocols (JMAP, IMAP, and SMTP). James can spool more than 65 mails per second (configured with Maildir mail storage and the FileMailQueue). If you want to set up your own Enterprise Grade Mail Transfer Agent then Apache James supports all the required features. Its one of the most promising open-source email servers available for enterprises.

System Requirements

It can easily run on any major operating system which supports Java Runtime Environment. Java version 1.8 is required to run the James Application. On Linux/Unix platforms, root access will be required to run Apache James.

It is configured to run with 512 MB RAM. But may need more or less depending on the load.


Following are the key features of Apache James Open-Source Mail Server

  • Mailet Container
  • Queue Priority
  • Mailbox and Mail Repository Store for Mail Persistence
  • SMTP Hooks
  • High Performance
  • Multiple Authentication Modes for Security


Download distribution from James release mirrors. Extract or copy all the files in the archive or dist directory into your installation directory. After unpacking the binary, the next step is to adjust the initial configuration. All configuration files are embedded in jars. For detailed configuration guide follow official documentation.


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