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Transactional Email Open Source Software

Best Open Source On Premise Transaction Email Service Options

Create your own transactional email service. Notify users by sending templated emails on events like account creation, password resets, purchase receipts etc.


Top Transactional Email Software Include

Postal is a full featured open source mail delivery software.
Transactional Email Service Postal   A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail. Think Sendgrid, Mailgun or Postmark but open source and ready for you to run on your own servers.
Cuttlefish is an alternative to Sendgrid and Mailgun.
Transactional Email Service Cuttlefish There are loads of great proprietary transactional email services out there. If you're happy spending the money then take a look at Sendgrid, Mailgun and Mandrill. These are just a few of them.
Mail-in-a-box helps you setup your on premises Gmail like solution.
Transactional Email Service Mail-in-a-box Mail-in-a-Box made it super easy to setup your own email service without any technical knowledge or expertise. Technically it can turn any computer in the cloud into a fully functional mail server. Its like any other service provider but with your full control from top to bottom.
Postfix is one of the popular mail transfer agent for linux
Transactional Email Service Postfix Postfix offers an amazing set of powerful features like junk mail control, database support, log management and many more. It has a wide support for database like MySQL, Memcache SQLite, PostgreSQL, LDAP.
Exim is highly customizable mail transfer agent
Transactional Email Service Exim Flexible Alternative to Sendmail for Unix-like Systems. Exim is highly customizable mail server for email routing and delivery. It’s the number one choice for enterprise level organizations for its flexibility.
iRedMail is easy to setup mail server.
Transactional Email Service iRedMail With so many solutions available for email delivery it becomes very tricky to choose the right mail delivery software for your business needs. iRedmail is easy to setup mail transfer agent software which full fills all the communication needs of a modern-day business.