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Free Application Monitoring For All Services In One Place

Monitoror is full featured monitoring wallboard software to monitor services, web applications, CI builds progress, APIs, server ports and even repositories.


Monitoror is free application monitoring software. It is lightweight and reliable software for monitoring of all tools in one place. Monitoror supports out of the box features for monitoring of services such as applications, servers, and APIs. Further, this free server monitoring software allows for checking server status by pinging, checking any specific ports, displaying your CI status, and keeping track of its progress live. In addition, this free server monitoring software supports two types of configurations such as Core and UI. User can set core configuration with environment variables and UI configuration defines in json file.

Monitoror also allows to do various customizations for shaping the wallboard. This best open source monitoring tool enables businesses to monitor popular services such as GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Pingdom, Jenkins, and Travis CI. It is developed in GO language and source code is available at GitHub. The license for this free application monitoring system is MIT.

System Requirements

Monitoror has no installation requirement except you have running machine. It is development in Go Language and you can use precompile binary for your operating system.


  • Beautiful UI
  • UI configuration
  • Lightweight and Reliable
  • Monitor server status by pinging
  • Support server ports monitoring
  • Support monitoring of most popular services
  • Themes
  • Custom labels
  • Stretch tiles across multiple rows/columns
  • Notifications


Installing on Linux

Download the latest release.

curl -sL -o monitoror $(curl -s | grep 'browser_download_url.*monitoror-linux-amd64' | cut -d: -f2,3 | tr -d \")

Make monitoror executable.

sudo chmod +x monitoror

Run monitoror.


You have installed successfully. Now, you can create configuration file for monitoring of services.

Installation using Docker

docker run -p 8080:8080 monitoror/monitoror