Free & open source social network app

Tribe Free Social Network Platform

Social Community Builder With Thread-Based Communication

Tribe is an open-source and cloud-based social networking platform. It offers analytics, notifications, integrations, categorization of content, and more.


Tribe is an open source social network app that comes up with a stack of rich features. It is free and provides self-hosting capabilities. This social networking platform lets businesses build an online community to share content across the teams. There is a facility to experience this social networking website online by creating an account. In addition, you can create different spaces where members can create posts, perform discussions, questions/answers sessions and categorize the content. Moreover, it is completely compliant with the regulations related to cookie consent where users can accept or reject.

This free social networking website offers integration with Google Analytics so that users can track user activities and other relevant activities. Above all, this free community platform provides a set of tools to create SEO-friendly content. In fact, members can create content using easy to use editor, attach media files and embed third-party content.

This social network app is written in JavaScript along with input from other languages such as Ruby, CSS, and HTML. Therefore, there is comprehensive documentation available regarding development and deployment. Tribe also offers efficient search to find valuable resources at right time.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Tribe include:

  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • Bundler
  • Git


Tribe offers the following key features:

  • Self-Hosted
  • Tags, Notification
  • Search Features
  • Google Analytics Integrated
  • Spaces, Content Categorization
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Permissions

Installation Instructions

Once all the pre-requisites are installed, run the following command to clone the source code of the app.

git clone

Then, run the following command

cd api-documentation

Now, run the following command to initialize

bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

After that, run the app using the following command

vagrant up

Finally, access the application in the browser at http://localhost:4567.


What is Tribe program?

Tribe is an open source social network app to build professional customer and team member communities. in addition, it offers a wide range of provisions and tools to help manage content and collaborate with one another.

Is the Tribe app free?

In fact, this social networking website is free and comes with self-hosting capabilities.

Is the Tribe app open-source?

Yes. Further, it is open source and comes with comprehensive documentation regarding deployment and development.

Does Tribe offer integration?

Tribe offers integration with third-party apps. Moreover, it offers built-in integration with Google Analytics.

How to deploy Tribe on localhost?

This social community builder is easy to set up and requires Git, Ruby and Bundler to clone and run its source code.


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