Free open source social network

HumHub Free Social Network Platform

Self-Hosted Social Network For Public/Private Collaboration

Establish enterprise social intranet to boost up business operations. This free social software offers the marketplace module and rich social tools.


HumHub is an open source social network to build private/public social spaces within your organization. This social collaboration tool provides self-hosting capabilities along with other powerful features. However, it is highly customizable and offers a marketplace with a bunch of themes and modules. Moreover, it let’s users create spaces for specific purposes such as team, project or any topic. Then, admins can add other users and assign role based permissions. Above all, the prominent features of this open source social media tool are notifications, comment, follow, like, activity stream, user profiles, and more.

After that, this free social media tool offers a logical user interface that even a non technical person can navigate through various elements easily. In addition, there is an online version available to explore its features. Further, there are both option either you can host it on your local server or you can go for cloud version.

This open source social network is written in PHP. Therefore, there is comprehensive documentation available regarding development and deployment. In fact, this free social software is lightweight and allows configurations with third party apps.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup HumHub include:

  • Apache Webserver 2.4 with mod_php or php-fpm (recommended)
  • Nginx with php-fpm
  • PHP, Git, Composer


HumHub offers the following key features:

  • Self-Hosted
  • Public/Private Spaces
  • Module System
  • Extensible
  • Social Tools
  • Activity Stream
  • Global Search
  • Rich Dashboard
  • Support For Media Files

Installation Instructions

Once all the pre-requisites are installed, run the following command to create the database.

 CREATE DATABASE humhub CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

Then, run the following command to clone the git repository into the htdocs directory of your webserver:

git clone

Now, navigate to your HumHub web-root directory and fetch your composer dependencies by running the following command:

composer install

Finally, you can access the HumHub web installer on this address into the browser:



Is HumHub free?

In fact, this open source social network is free and comes with self-hosting capabilities.

Who uses HumHub?

There are many tech giants wo are using this social collaboration tool such as Slack, Asana, Zapier and more.

What is an open source social network?

HumHub is an open source social network that you can use and customize to build your own network as per needs.

Is HumHub open source?

Yes, this open source social media tool is open source and comes with documentation regarding development and deployment.

Does HumHub offer plugins?

HumHub offers many plugins that extend the scope and theme of this free social software.


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