WSO2 | Open Source Identity and Access Management Server
WSO2 Open source identity and access management server

WSO2  Open Source Identity Server

Build CIAM Platform with Open Source Identity Server

Free open source WSO2 identity server supports all identity standards to provide authentication and expose APIs to integrate with user databases to manage identities

In the present point of digital time, there are numerous teams in different departments working with unique roles. There is always a high risk of a security breach to the user’s data integrity. Businesses need to be proactive to protect internal resources and provide easy access to the resources to all the entities such as employees, partners, vendors, and customers.

WSO2 is open source identity server that comes up with a complete identity and access management solution to provide a protective layer of security over the business’s network. It serves Single Sign On with multi factor authentication which lets users access the internal resources across multiple applications and devices by entering credentials only one time.

WSO2 also provides a user interface for login which runs separately as a web application and can be customized. There is a Management Console where the admin user can create users with unique roles. WSO2 is a completely free and open source that works across many platforms like Services, Enterprise Applications, and APIs. It has comprehensive documentation regarding its workflow, development, and deployment. It is mainly written in Java with some input of other languages such as JavaScript, HTML.

System Requirements

  • Java SE Development Kit 1.8
  • Apache Maven 3.x.x


  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Customizable UI
  • High Performance
  • Inbound/Outbound Provisioning
  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Cloud Integrations
  • SSO
  • Identity Provider
  • Authentication


Run the following command to clone the repo:

git clone

Run the below maven command from product-is directory:

mvn clean install

Extract the downloaded/built binary distribution which you can find the binary distribution in product-is/modules/distribution/target directory.

Run the or wso2server.bat file in the /bin directory.

Access  https://localhost:9443/carbon/ after server starts.

Access the user dashboard at https://localhost:9443/myaccount.


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