Single Sign-On Open Source Software

Best Free and Open Source SSO Solutions 

Set up centralized authentication server for multiple trusted applications. Control all organizational apps access and users management from one place. 

Top SSO Solutions Include

Free SSO Solution IdentityServer IdentityServer is a open source framework that uses openid connect and oauth 2.0 to achieve single sign on, acts as a single authentication and authorization server for multiple applications.
 Free SSO Solution KeyCloak Keycloak is another open source alternative to provide identity and access management with Single Sign ON (SSO). It Provides Out of the box solution to quickly add identity management and single sign on capabilities.
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Free SSO Solution CAS CAS is another open source alternative to provide Authorization, SSO and Federation. It is Multilingual and supports Multifactor Authentication using ticket-based and other standard protocols.
Free SSO Solution Authelia Authelia is another open source alternative to provide 2F-authentication with Single Sign-on capabilities. It works by collaborating with reverse proxies such as Nginx, Traefik and HAProxy.
federated identity management system
 Open Source Identity Server WSO2 WSO2 is another open source alternative to provide customer identity and access management system. It acts as a protective layer of security over the business’s network by using web services security technologies.
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Free SSO Solution OpenIdentityPlatform OpenIdentityPlatform is another open source alternative which provides Cross Domain Single Sign-on and seamless integration with cloud-based applications. It is secure and developer-friendly Identity Provider.
Free SSO Solution FreeIPA FreeIPA is another open source alternative SSO sultion for Linux/UNIX based networked environment. It is written in Python and provides multiple user interfaces such as Web UI, CLI and JSONRPC API.