li3 | PHP Based Open Source Free RAD Framework
li3 is open source full-stack software for Web Rapid Application Development

li3  Free RAD Framework

MVC Driven PHP RAD Software For PHP Based Web Applications

li3 is an open source RAD Framework with robust architecture. It supports MongoDB, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, PHP ActiveRecord, PSR-4, and many more.

li3 is a popular open source software for web rapid application development. It gives complete control to the user because of its component-oriented architecture. This free RAD framework is highly flexible to adopt any change in its ecosystem due to its lightweight design. It makes full use of the latest features of PHP language such as closures, namespaces, and late static binding. Moreover, It is multilingual and provides integration with third-party applications.

This open source RAD Framework is designed in an MVC architectural pattern that is widely being used in the current point of time. Further, It provides multiple popular database options including MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, and in-memory database Redis. Besides, users can enable global search features using Elasticsearch. li3 web RAD offers complete authentication and authorization for sharing static resources and users can also run tests to check the functionality of features.

li3 is developed in PHP and all code is available on Github with rich development and deployment documentation. Therefore, this web rapid application development system has a very vibrant team that provides instant support regarding bugs.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup li3 include:


li3 RAD Framework provides wide-range of features. Key features are listed below.

  • Open Source
  • Multilingual
  • Robust
  • PSR-4
  • Built-in Unit Testing
  • Extensible
  • Secure
  • Multiple DB Support
  • Global Search
  • In Memory Storage
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Component Based
  • Third-Party Integration
  • ODM/ORM Support

Installation Instructions

After installing the above mentioned prerequisites, run the following command

composer create-project --prefer-dist unionofrad/framework app

This command will set up directory structure along with all the code files.

Now, run the application with the following command:

php -S -t webroot index.php

Finally, hit this URL to access the application in the browser and follow the instructions.