Apache isis is open source RAD Framework

Apache Isis Free RAD Framework

Build Domain Driven Apps With Apache Isis RAD Framework

Apache Isis is Java based rapid application generator. It provides many RAD tools such as Swagger UI, Wicket Viewer OOUI, Cucumber Framework, and REST interface


Apache Isis is a recommended choice for agile development. It lets you build a prototype of your application and generates the user interface automatically. You just provide your entities with their relationships and this open source RAD software will generate a web app and REST API with all the source code files. Therefore, It provides a responsive user interface built with Bootstrap.

This open source rapid application development framework supports multitenancy. Hence, a user with the role of admin can access the multiple tenants. In addition, a Java security framework Apache Shiro is integrated with Apache Isis for authentication and authorization. Further, there is an intuitive dashboard that lets you perform aggregations on the data coming from various sources. After that, users can perform actions over the entities and these actions can be placed inside mixins too. However, It provides REST API and a front end that can be integrated with third party applications.

Above all, this free RAD software is written in Java Sprint Boot, Apache Wicke, RESTEasy, DataNucleus Acess Platform, Lombok, and Byte Buddy. Moreover, It is a fast, secure, and completely open source with all the supporting documentation.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Apache Isis include:


Apache Isis offers the following key features:

  • Multitenancy
  • Wicket Viewer OOUI
  • Open Source
  • REST Interface
  • Responsive Layout
  • Support For Byte Buddy
  • Swagger UI
  • Support For Cucumber Framework
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Support For Lombok
  • Apache Shiro Implemented
  • Support For RESTEasy
  • Support For DataNucleus Acess Platform

Installation Instructions

After installing the above prerequisites, run the following command

 curl https://codeload.github.com/apache/isis-app-simpleapp/zip/2.0.0-M4 | jar xv

Once command is successful, go into the generated directory

 cd isis-app-simpleapp-2.0.0-M4

Now, run this command

 mvn clean install<br></br>

Finally, following command will compile and run the app

mvn -pl webapp spring-boot:run

Access the application into the browser at this URL http://localhost:8080.