Phabricator is open source project management software in PHP

Phabricator Free Project Management Software

Free Tools for Planning Projects and Developing Software

Open source bundle of web-based applications for manage projects, host source code, review code, audit code, manage resources and manage teams.


Phabricator is open source suite of web-based applications for project management, source control, code review, and more. It helps you plan projects, manage tasks, track issues, host git, svn, or mercurial repositories. It also provides review designs, continuous integration, and internal chat channels. It supports pre-commit code reviews and post-commit auditing. It allows workflow-based, rule-based triggers and Herald coupled auditing. Phabricator is also enriched with resource management and team management features.

Phabricator is a complete software development platform that helps you to plan features, track bugs, award token. Its Maniphest feature allows you to build customize input forms with custom fields. It also provides Wiki to manage support documents, technical documents, and user manuals. Its Workboards feature provide drag and drop widgets to micro managed your project. The Conduit API helps your business application to interact with it over HTTP JSON API. It also provides command line tool called Arcanist to gain complete access to Phabricator’s functionality.

System Requirements

Phabricator is PHP and MySQL based project planning, tasking tracking and source code management software. It requires following software.

  • PHP 5.2+
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • Apache or Nginx


Phabricator has all the modern features that you can anticipate from top project management and source code management software. Main features include

  • Pre-Commit Code Review
  • Supports Git, Mercurial, and SVN
  • Audit Source Code
  • Customizable Task Management
  • Document Wiki
  • Workboards and Sprints
  • Chat Channels
  • Business Rules
  • Command Line Tools
  • API


Installation using Github

First make sure you have installed all the dependencies. Clone the latest Phabricator and dependencies from github into document root folder::

    git clone
    git clone
    git clone

Navigate to the phabricator directory:

    cd  phabricator

Run following commands to configure MySQL configuration file:

    ./bin/config set localhost
    ./bin/config set mysql.user root
    ./bin/config set mysql.pass MySQL_root_password

Load the Phabricator schema by executing the following command:

    ./bin/storage upgrade
    Are you ready to continue? [y/N] y
    Applying schema adjustments...
    Completed applying all schema adjustments.
     ANALYZE  Analyzing tables...
     ANALYZED  Analyzed 510 table(s).

Configure Virtual host for Apache or Nginx. Finally, open your web browser and navigate to or as per your virtual host settings.