Best Free and Open Source Project Management Software

Project management software helps you to plan projects, schedule tasks, manage teams, resource allocation, issue tracking, and change management.

Open source project management software

Project Management Open Source Software


Top Project Management Systems Include

Redmine is Ruby on Rails based Project Management Software
Free Project Management System Redmine   Redmine is free project management system provides bug reporting, team management, and knowledge management features. It also provides Gantt chart and customized reports.
Phabricator is PHP based suite of web application for project management
Free Project Management System Phabricator Phabricator is robust software development system lets you plan features, track bugs, and audit code. It provides continuous integration with git and internal chat channels.
Taiga is Python and AngularJS  based agile project management software
Free Project Management System Taiga Taiga is free on-premise project management application for multi-functional agile teams. It supports Backlog, Burn down chart, Kanban, Scrum, and Sprint planning.
OpenProject Free Project Workflow and Reporting Software
Free Project Management System OpenProject OpenProject is open source project planning and tracking tool to visualize multiple projects with shared timeline. It also offers product roadmap and task management features.
Kanboard is Free Collaborative Project Management Software
Free Project Management System Kanboard Open source Kanban methodology based visual project management software that provides information about your projects, tasks, and calendar in one place.