Password Safe | A Simple, Easy-to-Use & Safe Password Manager

Password Safe Free Password Management Software

A Simple, Easy-to-Use & Safe Password Manager

Password Safe provides a secure, simple and easy-to-understand interface that makes it accessible for people of all backgrounds and technical knowledge.


Open-source password managers are a great option when it comes to making sure that your passwords are not only stored in one place but won’t fall in the wrong hands either. Password Safe is a good contender as an easy-to-use and free to download credentials management software. It was built upon Bruce Scheiner’s Blowfish encryption algorithm that uses the same key to decrypt and encrypt a message. It is one of the best free password vaults as well as a safe password manager.

Password Safe was solely developed for Windows and Linux users. However, you can find clones of the software for other operating systems and platforms as well. As a free to download password manager, Password Safe was further improved to keep your passwords secure by including encryption algorithm TwoFish and using cryptographic hash functions like SHA-256 to generate keys.

While Password Safe has many features that are similar to other open source password managers, it’s easy to use interface makes it quite popular among users with little to no technical background. With Password Safe users can store all sorts of information from bank and credit card information, email accounts, emergency numbers and passwords as well. However, Password Safe doesn’t have any browser extensions currently, that can be used to auto-fill passwords on different websites.

System Requirements

While installing Password Safe for Ubuntu make sure you have the following system requirements:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Server access through static IP or a domain/host name pointing to it.
  • Make sure server has 2GB RAM and 2 cores
  • A non-root user with sudo permissions


Here are some good to know features about Password Safe:

  • Easily Categorize Passwords

You can easily categorize and group passwords to have better management of different login accounts. You can easily keep track of the last time they were accessed, modification time, creation time, and additional notes if you have any.

  • Export or Import Passwords

You can export the passwords in different file formats including TXT, XML, .CSV files or PSAFE file formats. However, when it comes to importing files .XML and CVS (v1 format) doesn’t work. But you can import .TXT or plain text files.

  • Random Password Generator

Password Safe has a built in random password generator that can be used to generate random passwords that can be customized according to the length, character set, and more.

  • Portable Password File

The passwords can be uploaded to any cloud storage option you have or store them on a portable drive. The passwords are encrypted in PSAFE files and can only be decrypted with a key which makes them secure to upload to any cloud drive or USB.


Follow these steps to Install Password Safe on Ubuntu server:

  • To add the Password Safe repository, run following command:
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:upubuntu-com/system
  • After that, update the system.
sudo apt-get update
  • Finally run the following command to install the Password Safe package:
sudo apt-get install passwordsafe


In this article we have discussed Password Safe’s overview and features that makes it a secure and safe password manager. To learn about other open source credentials management software, please check following pages: