Calligra is open-source office alternative available for major operating systems.

Calligra Office Productivity

A Free and Open Source Office Alternative

Calligra Suite by KDE is the best open-source office alternative available for major operating systems. Comes with vector drawing, and database applications.


Calligra Suite is an open-source office suite developed by KDE. It’s one of the good open-source office alternatives available for all the major platforms. Unlike other free open-source office alternatives, in Calligra Suite each component is designed to be tightly integrated with each other for ease of information transfer between applications.

Calligra Suite includes Words as Microsoft Word alternative, Sheets as Microsoft Excel alternative, and Stage as Microsoft Powerpoint alternative. Aside from Words, Sheets, and Stage, Calligra Suite has a wide range of tools that can be used for graphical creativity and artwork, database designing, project management, and personal note-taking.

Calligra Suite, being an open-source office alternative, can import native Microsoft Office files. This means users can freely send the documents they prepare using Calligra Suite, to their colleagues who are using Microsoft Office.

There are lots of open-source office alternative software available in the market like Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, but Calligra Suite comes with additional Vector Drawing and Visual Database App Creator Software. And, this makes Calligra Suite stand out among all these open-source office alternative software.


  • Vector Drawing
  • Embeddable Objects
  • Visual Database App Creator
  • Project Management
  • Presentation Maker
  • Calculation & Spreadsheet Tool
  • Rich Document Creator
  • Movable Dockers
  • Microsoft Office File Import


You can visit their official website’s download section and download the the package for relevant platform.