MoonMail- Open Source Newsletter and Mailing list Software

MoonMail Free Newsletter Software

Free Mailing List Software Based on Serverless Architecture

Open source newsletter and email marketing software to send bulk emails via Amazon SES. Manage your mailing list, email campaigns, and measure analytics.


MoonMail is an open source newsletter and mailing list software that supports bulk emailing via Amazon SES. You can create & edit list of email addresses, send email marketing campaigns and view analytics. You can track open emails and linked clicked with an email. It also provides schedule campaigns feature to send your emails in the future. You can also customize and extend recipient fields with custom values such as country, gender, etc. It allows you to update the recipient status to Unsubscribed, Complaint-Spam, Bounced and Suppersion-list. You can also apply filters to your email lists by segments.

MoonMail is developed based on React and Serverless Framework. It has two main components: API and Events. Events component is based on Serverless Framework. It constitutes on microservices that trigger in response to events. It also provides REST API to allow integration with your other business applications. MoonMail provides all the modern features with latest technologies for your sales and support teams to deliver excellent customer experience. Its Real-time dashboard helps your teams to get insights about entire customer experience.

System Requirements

MoonMail is React and Serverless framework based newsletter software. It requires following software.

  • yarn
  • Serverless


MoonMail is web based newsletter, mailing list and email marketing software. Main features include:

  • Create and store recipients in lists
  • Compile and send email campaigns
  • Parse (track) opened emails + clicked links within an email
  • Create, edit and delete campaigns
  • Schedule campaigns to be sent in the future
  • Extend the recipient fields with extra values
  • Update the recipient status
  • Filter lists by Segments
  • React powered frontend / UI to send campaigns
  • Apply liquid syntax within the campaigns
  • Public API to interact with the SAAS version

Installation Instructions

Installing using yarn

First make sure you have installed yarn (Install instructions)

Install serverless 0.5 globally:

yarn global add serverless@0.5.6

Install the root project dependencies:

yarn install

Install the API dependencies:

cd api && yarn install

Install the event processors' dependencies:

cd events && yarn install

Installing the dependencies for the rest of the services follow the same convention. You just need to cd into it and install its dependencies.

Initialize and configure the Serverless 0.5 project

sls project init -c -n your-lower-case-project-name

Deploy Serverless resources

Create all the needed resources in your AWS account:

sls resources deploy

Deploy all the Lambda functions:

sls function deploy

Deploy MoonMail events:

sls event deploy

Create the API Gateway endpoints:

sls endpoint deploy