Sidekiq is a fully featured best open source job scheduler with ui

Sidekiq Free Message Queue Software

Ruby based simple and efficient background processing tool.

Sidekiq is a Ruby-based fully-featured, robust, and simple to integrate with any Rails application. It is one of the fastest background job processing systems.

Sidekiq is an efficient, simple to integrate and best open source job scheduler with ui to handle many jobs at the same time in the same process with multiple threads. Rails sidekiq scheduler works and integrates tightly with Rails to make linux background process dead simple. Sidekiq open source task scheduler is a full featured background jobs processing framework for Ruby language. It integrates with any modern Rails application as simple as possible and with much higher performance than other existing message queue software.

Sidekiq open source task scheduler is an extension to sidekiq that allows you to schedule or push jobs to run at a given time or at certain intervals. Sidekiq open source cron scheduler with ui is a framework to scale your applications by performing work in the background with multiple sidekiq processes. This requires following three parts for background processings:

  1. The Sidekiq client runs in any Ruby process of a puma or passenger application server process and allows you to create jobs for processing later.
  2. Redis provides and helps in data storage for Sidekiq. It stores all the jobs data along with runtime and historical data to power Sidekiq’s Web UI.
  3. Each Sidekiq server process pulls jobs from the queue in Redis and processes them later.

System Requirements

The following key dependency packages are required to install the Sidekiq best open source job scheduler:

  • Ruby: MRI 2.5+ or JRuby 9.2+.
  • Redis: 4.0+
  • Rails 5.0+ support
  • RubyMine editor
  • Git


Some of the great list of features Sidekiq open source job scheduler with ui are listed below:

  • Scheduled jobs
  • Error handling
  • Web UI
  • Ruby api
  • Multi threading
  • Cron jobs
  • Simple and Efficient


Install Sidekiq on Ubuntu

Sidekiq simple, easy to setup and open source task scheduler. To configure and setup Sidekiq recurring jobs with Rails environment, install the necessary dependencies packages. Add sidekiq gem to run job in background linux to your Gemfile or run below command in project directory:

gem install sidekiq

Add a worker in app or workers to process linux background jobs asynchronously:

rails generate sidekiq:worker hard

Create the database and run migrations:

HardWorker.perform_async('bob', 5)

Start sidekiq unique jobs from the root of your Rails application so the jobs will be processed:

bundle exec sidekiq

Congratulations! You have successfully installed sidekiq open source job scheduler with ui software. Enjoy!


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