Open Source LMS Tools

Learning Management System (LMS) Open Source Software

Best Free And Open Source Distance Learning Options

Free e-learning tools that help to set up online learning platforms to create and distribute training material. It also supports monitoring student's progress.

Top Open Source LMS Software Include

E-learning System Moodle Moodle is a free and open source e-learning system. Set up distance learning platform within minutes and start delivering courses to the trainees.
LMS For E-learning Chamilo Chamilo is a free and open-source LMS for e-learning sites. It's a lightweight and adaptable PHP-based web program that supports LDAP for user authentication.
LMS For Schools Canvas Canvas is a free and open source LMS for schools, universities, and training centers. Easily create coursework, distribute training material and collaborate with trainees.
LMS For Business ILIAS ILIAS is another free and open source LMS for business, schools, and higher education. Modern interface with rich communication tools for collaboration.
LMS For Business OpenEdx OpenEdx is another free and open source LMS for businesses, higher education, and public authorities. Trusted by companies including IBM, Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, and many more.