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Tiledesk Live Chat Software

Open Source Live Chat Software with integrated Chatbots.

With Tiledesk, build your own customer support chat bots and instantly response to your customers.


Conversational chatbots have made this possible for the businesses to give their customers the always available high touch support they want. Tiledesk is one of the most popular open source live chat software with integrated chatbot support.

With Tilkedesk, you can instantly respond to your users with content from your FAQs, passing control to a human operator when needed. It allows your staff to engage customers on your websites and mobile apps. As result, you can build the best customer experience on the channels that your customers actually prefer.

Tiledesk lets you manage your multi-channel service operations with a single dashboard. Simple and smooth agent operations by routing incoming chats to specific agents. Based on various configurations e.g department, language, customer status and more.

It Integrates with all major AI-platforms, cloud and Open source, from DialogFlow to RASA. Integrate your own Bot technology with external ChatBot. Tiledesk also supports advanced features for integration with the most popular CRM platforms. Analyze data from chat conversations with your customers to choose the best strategy and increase conversions.

System Requirements

Actual requirement varies greatly with:

  • Node.js 0.11+
  • MongoDB 2.6+


Key Features for Tiledesk are followingt

  • Use native FaqBot to automate customer support. Let the FaqBot reply to common questions without engaging your agents
  • Integrates with all major AI-platforms, cloud and Open source, from DialogFlow to RASA, and more to come. Integrate your own Bot technology with our external ChatBot
  • Full multichannel experience on Web and Mobile. All mobile and web SDKs and Apps are fully open sourced too, for maximum flexibility and customer acquisition opportunity
  • First class chat tools like: typing indicator, off-line access, delivery receipts, contact list, conversation history and much more.
  • All chats are stored with metadata and messages transcript to be accessed later on. Using rich filtering options, you will be able to quickly find conversations.

Installation via Docker Compose

Run Docker Compose services using the following code:

mkdir tiledesk && cd tiledesk
curl --output docker-compose.yml
curl --output .env

Start all the Tiledesk services just typing:

docker-compose up -d