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Live Helper Chat Live Chat Software

On Premise Free Live Chat Software for Your Website

Live Helper Chat is easy to integrate and setup, open source live chat software to provide better customer support.


Live Helper Chat is an open source live chat software which brings simplicity and usability in one place. With Live Helper Chat you can bring live support on your website for free. There are lots of other open source live chat applications. Like, ZulipChat, Rocket.Chat and Lets-Chat but Live Helper Chat has made its position because of its simplicity and usability.

Live Helper Chat comes with Mobile and Desktop Apps. Mobile apps are written in Flutter which is one of the most popular open source cross platform native app development framework. And, desktop app is developed in ElectronJS which is again most popular cross platform desktop application development framework.

Live Helper Chat is gaining popularity amongst the developer community. Because of its clean and simple code structure. It is MVC based application which has full support for extensibility. Developers and build extensions and plugins to meet their custom requirements.

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to provide live chat support on your website. Then, Live Helper Chat can be a choice for you.

System Requirements

If you are running wordpress site it’s 99.9% chance Live Helper Chat will work just fine.

  • Minimum PHP 5.4
  • Mysql/MariaDB
  • Apache/Nginx


Key Features for Live Helper Chat are following

  • Bot with possibility to integrate any third party AI
  • XMPP support for notifications about new chats. (IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry, GTalk etc…)
  • Chrome extension
  • Repeatable sound notifications
  • See what user see with screenshot feature
  • Drag & Drop widgets, minimize/maximize widgets
  • Send delayed canned messages as it was real user typing
  • Chats statistic generation, top chats

Installation Guide for Live Helper Chat

Install from command line

Copy install-cli.php script to root folder (lhc_web if you pulled from github)

 cp cli/install-cli.php install-cli.php

Copy default example.settings.ini to settings.ini. Don’t forget to modify them.

cp cli/example.settings.ini cli/settings.ini

Install Live Helper Chat

 php install-cli.php cli/settings.ini