Botpress is AI powered chat bot platform

Botpress Live Chat Software

AI Powered Chat Bot Platform – WordPress of Bots

On premise chat bot software supporting AI and natural language processing to automate conversations and workflows. Train bots to provide 24/7 live support


With the advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, demand of AI based conversational chat bots have gain a lot of popularity and demand. And this is mostly because all the business wants to enhance their customer experience even when the business is offline.

Conversational chatbots have made this possible for the businesses to give their customers the always available high touch support they want.

Botpress is one of the most popular open source bot creation tool with built in natural language processing. Botpress’s NLU technology makes it a step ahead of its competitors in the field like Botkit, Dialogflow and Microsoft Bot Framework.

It makes it easy for the non-technical people and businesses to design automated workflows for their business needs. And with the support of contextual awareness, Intents and topic detection it understands what users say. Like weather they are asking a question or trying to perform an action.

Botpress comes with lot of advanced features and has a very extensive plugin / module system with a thriving developer community. This makes botpress a very popular platform as the developers community is very actively developing plugins and addons for the platform. With so much popularly they even call it WordPress of Bots.

Botpress has a very extensive SDK which can be used to integrate with other live chat platforms like Rocket.Chat. It can be used to design Front Desk, Technical Support and Accounts and Billing automation workflows. Which means you can support your customers in so many ways even when you are away.

If you are trying to automate your business workflows and wants to enhance your customer experience Botpress is a must try for you. Its quick and easy to setup as well.


  • Hard Drive: Recommended 64 GB of free space or above.
  • Memory (RAM): Recommended 4 GB or above.


Following are the key features of Botpress

  • Conversation Flow Manager
  • Third party integrations
  • Multiple language engines
  • Content & flow separation
  • Analytics
  • Human in the loop
  • Modular design
  • Graphical interface
  • Extensible

Installation Instructions

Getting started with Botpress is very easy. We build and distribute binaries of the latest stable version and we also have nightly builds of the master branch on Github.


The latest stable binaries are available for download here . Alternatively, you may find all the versions and nightly builds in our public S3 Bucket .


To install Botpress, simply unzip the file you download somewhere on your computer. Make sure that your computer has at least:

  • Memory (RAM): Recommended 4 GB or above.
  • Hard Drive: Recommended 64 GB of free space or above.
  • A 64 bits architecture
  • The right to read/write to the directory and subdirectories where Botpress is located

Starting Botpress

To start Botpress, all you have to do is double click on the bp file in the directory you extracted Botpress to.

Alternatively, you can also start it from the terminal:

 > ./bp 

The first time you run Botpress, the built-in modules take some time to install. This will only happen the first time you run Botpress, subsequent runs will be much faster.