Helpy is open source ticket based customer care and knowledge base technology

helpy Free Ticketing System

Free Ticketing based customer care and knowledgebase system

Open source ticketing based helpdesk software combined with knowledge base and community discussion features to deliver robust customer support experience.


Helpy is free and open source ticketing based customer support software with knowledge base and public community features. It is touch optimized that helps your support team to promptly answers support tickets from anywhere at any time. Its embed widget feature allow your users to contact you from any page of your website. Helpy has all the essential SEO features that you can imagine in any top helpdesk software.

Its multichannel ticketing feature allows integration with inbound email from Mailgun, Mandrill, Sengrid etc. Helpy is totally customizable and themeable, you can customize or extend look and functionality as per your business requirement. Community support forums feature allow your clients and support team publicly answer questions and give rating to questions and replies. Helpy provide all the modern features of customer support and knowledgebase software to help your team provide outstanding customer support.

System Requirements

Helpy is Ruby on Rails and Postgres based ticketing based customer support software. It requires following software.

  • Ruby 2.4+
  • Rails 4.2.x
  • Postgres
  • Unicorn / Puma / Passenger


Helpy has all the advance features that you can imagine from top helpdesk software. Main features include

  • Multichannel ticketing
  • Knowledgebase
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Community Support Forums
  • Embed Widget
  • Multi-lingual
  • Themeable
  • Sends HTML email
  • Customizable
  • GDPR Compliant


Installation using Github

Clone the latest Helpy repository into document root folder:

    git clone

Next, install dependencies:

    bundle install

Now set up the database and secrets files:

    cp config/ config/database.yml
    rake secret
    # copy the key to
    nano config/secrets.yml
    nano config/database.yml
    touch /home/deploy/helpy/log/production.log
    chmod 0664 /home/deploy/helpy/log/production.log

Unpack the Helpy assets and setup your database:

    RAILS_ENV=production rake assets:precompile
    RAILS_ENV=production rake db:setup

Now start up passenger/nginx and your site should be live!