OpenMRS is open source hospital information management system

OpenMRS  Free Healthcare Software

Health Record Management System With RESTful Interface

OpenMRS is a web-based patient record management system. It offers modules such as location-based login, embedded patient workflows, and flexible reporting.


OpenMRS is an open source electronic hospital information management system. It is based on a modular architecture that is flexible to accept any expansion. Similarly, it is highly adaptable software and provides integration with third-party libraries. This web-based software comes up with many helpful add-ons such as ID-Generation, HTML Form entry, Admin UI module, Legacy UI module, and XForms. Reporting add-on provides a user interface that is used to manage report designs, data sets, and this health management information system also offers API for further development.

After that, this healthcare information system provides a patient repository for patient registration where users can define embedded patient workflows. In addition, it is multilingual and supports multiple languages. Further, there is complete support for images, audio files, etc. Further, users can define access based on roles and permissions in this medical record management system.

Moreover, OpenMRS is written in Java with comprehensive documentation available regarding development and deployment. This hospital information management system is not only software but also a community that has been consistently developing new features and modules for health records management.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up OpenMRS include:

  • Java JDK ( >= 8)
  • Maven / Git
  • Tomcat / Jetty


OpenMRS features include:

  • Easily Manageable Forms
  • Dictionary Interface
  • Patient Repository
  • Multiple Identifiers
  • Modular Architecture & Multilingual
  • Role-based Permissions
  • Embedded Patient Workflows
  • Registration Module

Installation Instructions

Once pre-requisites are installed, run the following command to clone the source code:

    git clone

Then, run the following commands:

    cd openmrs-coremvn clean package

This will generate the OpenMRS application in webapp/target/openmrs.war which you will have to deploy into an application server such as tomcat.

Now, you can simply deploy the openmrs.war into the application server jetty by running the following commands:

    cd openmrs-core/webappmvn jetty:run

Finally, you can access this health management information system at localhost:8080/openmrs.


What is OpenMRS system?

OpenMRS is a hospital information management system that enables users to automate and manage health records.

Is OpenMRS is free?

In fact, this patient record management system is free and comes with self-hosting capabilities.

Who created OpenMRS?

Firstly, the first idea and prototype of OpenMRS were conceived by Paul Biondich and Burke Mamlin.

What does OpenMRS stand for?

It stands for Open Medical Record System.

Is OpenMRS is open source?

So, this health management information system is open source and provides documentation regarding development and deployment.