FreeMED is an Open Source Medical Software

FreeMED  Free Healthcare Software

Free Medical Care Solution Based On XML-RPC Web Services

Web based hospital information system built on a modular architecture with robust features such as HL7 interface, patient scheduling, billing service and more.


FreeMED is an open source hospital management system that comes with self-hosting capabilities. It provides rich import and export formats. Further, this medical care solution is highly extensible and developers can customize it as per requirements. It is multilingual and provides support in many languages. This open source medical software provides HL7 (health level seven) interface that is a set of standards used to govern the data transfer between the healthcare provider. Above all, its architecture is modular and stores the medical records in the database layer.

After that, this patient administration system offers a logical user interface where users can navigate through various modules easily. In addition, the prominent features include patient scheduling, billing system, intra-messaging and reporting services, claims management, PDF form templating, and more.

FreeMED is written in PHP with a little input from other languages such as Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Then, the documentation of this open source medical software is available regarding development and deployment. Further, it provides the utmost reliability and data security for patient’s healthcare.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up FreeMED include:

  • Docker


FreeMED features include:

  • Self-Hosted
  • Extensible
  • HL7 Interface
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Billing Module
  • Modular Architecture
  • XML-RPC Backend
  • Document Management

Installation Instructions

Once you have installed the Docker, run the following command to pull the Docker image:

    docker pull jbuchbinder/freemed

Now, run the following commands to spin up the Docker container:

    docker build -rm -t freemed git://
    docker run -p 8080:80 -d freemed

Finally, you can access the application in the browser using the following address:



What is FreeMED?

FreeMED is an open source medical software. Moreover, it provides rich provisions to facilitate the healthcare industry.

Is FreeMED open source?

Firstly, this medical care solution is open source. Secondly, all the source code is available at Github.

Does FreeMED offer Docker image?

Yes, you can find the Docker image here.

Is FreeMED free?

This open source hospital management system is free. Moreover, it comes with comprehensive documentation and self-hosting capabilities.

Is FreeMED multilingual?

In fact, FreeMED is multilingual and offers support for multiple languages.