GDevelop | Cross-Platform Free Game Development Software
GDevelop is a free game development software

GDevelop  Free Game Development Software

Best Game Engine Powered By Multiple Pre-Built Behaviours

Develop and publish production-ready games for iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web. GDevelop is a 2D game development software with quick prototyping features.

GDevelop is an open source free game development software. It is easy to learn and use with intuitive workflows. It is highly extensible and users can develop extensions for needed functionalities. However, a vibrant community has developed several extensions for the back end and front end. Moreover, users can export the games for multiple platforms such as Web, Android, IOS, Windows, and Linux. There are rich objects available for animations, texts, and various shapes. In addition, this best game making software offers many visual effects such as glow, CRT effects, color map, Chromatic Aberration, and more.

This free game design software comes up with many game object behaviors that include Pathfinding, Tweens, Anchor, Drag and Drop. Further, there is complete support for sound effects, touchscreens, multi-touch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Further, this 2D game development software leverages Piskel for designing and sounds with Jfxr. Above all, users can preview the changes in a preview window for all platforms such as mobile and desktop. After that, it is highly extensible and provides integration with other libraries. Then, it uses AdMob for showing ads into the games.

GDevelop is written in C++, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Therefore, there is comprehensive documentation available regarding the development and deployment of this free game development software. Moreover, this easy game making software is easy to set up and users can experience this free tool in the live demo window available on the product website.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup GDevelop include:

  • Node.js 12.x
  • Git
  • Yarn / Npm


GDevelop offers the following key features:

  • Open Source
  • Extensible
  • Cross-Platform
  • Support For Multiple Effects
  • Integrations
  • Multi-Platform Live Preview
  • Robust
  • 3D Objects Supported
  • Support For AdMob
  • Support For Xbox, PlayStation
  • Piskel For Designing
  • Jfxr For Sound Effects

Installation Instructions

Once you have installed the pre-requisites, run the following command to clone the source code

git clone

After that, run the following command:

cd GDevelop/newIDE/app

Now, install the dependencies by running the following command:

npm install

Then, start the application:

npm start 

Finally, access the application at this address http://localhost:3000.