Formio Software

Form.IO  Free Form Builder

An Advanced Web Form Builder With REST API Engine

Generate online forms similar to Google Form, connect with backend APIs, or third party services. Securely capture sensitive data with confidence.


Form.IO is a popular form builder software with advanced features for generating data entry web forms and surveys along with a complete data management API platform. It is a direct competitor of google forms with the additional benefit of being open source software. Its cloud version comes with various subscription plans though the basic subscription is free.

Form.IO supports the serverless architecture out of box which makes it easy to embed forms seamlessly into front end server side platform apps. Powerful form building and rendering tools allow to generate forms with drag and drop interface. Form.IO is easy to integrate with 3rd party providers and legacy systems.

Effective Data Security is critical for today’s digital businesses, and it is really important to take protective measures to block unauthorized access of websites and databases. Data Security is one of the key features of Form.IO and web forms created with Form.IO carry out advanced user authentication. The software markets itself with the tag line “100% Control of your application data within your own environments”.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup include

  • npm
  • Nodejs 8.x +
  • MongoDB 4.2.x +


Following are the key features of

  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Data Management
  • Multi-Tenanted Platform
  • Opensource.
  • Easy Feature enhancement.
  • User Management & Auth
  • OAuth providers
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Form Embedding
  • Connect to Anything
  • Translatable Forms
  • Deploy Anywhere
  • Mobile friendly
  • Flexible
  • On-Site or Private Cloud using Docker containers
  • Automatic API Creation
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Email System
  • Complete documentation

Installation Instructions

Install database Server, use the following command to install MongoDB

 sudo apt-get update; sudo apt install -y mongodb   MongoDB will be started automatically once installation is completed.

Once, the database server is installed, use the following command to install npm

 sudo apt-get install npm

Once, the database server is installed, use the following command to install Nodejs

 sudo apt-get install nodejs

Next, clone the repo using following command

 git clone <a href=""></a>

After clone is completed, use the following commands to run the server

 cd formio <br></br> sudo npm install<br></br> npm start 

When it is done, you will have a running management application running at the following address in your browser.

 <a href="">http://</a>localhost:3001

Congrats You have successfullysetup

Installation Instructions using Docker

Docker images are located on docker hub, To pull it down, run the following docker command.

docker pull formio/formio-enterprise

Create a docker network to contain all the docker instances.

docker network create formio

Create the Mongo instance.

mkdir ~/opt/mongodb
# Double check permissions on /opt/mongodb
docker run -itd  \
  --name formio-mongo \
  --network formio \
  --volume ~/opt/mongodb:/data/db \
  --restart unless-stopped \

Start the formio-enterprise instance.

docker run -itd \
  -e "ADMIN_EMAIL=<span id="cloakd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.</span><script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById('cloakd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c').innerHTML='';var prefix='&#109;a'+'i&#108;'+'&#116;o';var path='hr'+'ef'+'=';var addyd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c='&#97;dm&#105;n'+'&#64;';addyd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c=addyd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c+'&#101;x&#97;mpl&#101;'+'&#46;'+'c&#111;m';var addy_textd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c='&#97;dm&#105;n'+'&#64;'+'&#101;x&#97;mpl&#101;'+'&#46;'+'c&#111;m';document.getElementById('cloakd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c').innerHTML+='<a '+path+'\''+prefix+':'+addyd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c+'\'>'+addy_textd599c59a1669d71b635ca8704350f38c+'<\/a>';</script>" \
  -e "PRIMARY=true" \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  --name formio-server \
  --network formio \
  --link formio-mongo:mongo \
  --restart unless-stopped \
  -p 3000:80 \