MVT is an open source mobile verification toolkit for smartphones.

MVT Free Digital Forensic Software

Python-based tool to check signs of compromise in smartphone

Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT is a collection of utilities to facilitate the consensual forensic acquisition of iOS and Android OS to identify a compromise


Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) software is used to help you check forensic traces to understand whether your iphone or android phone have been compromised by the pegasus israeli spyware. Pegasus spyware founded in 2010 by Israeli pegasus nso group technologies, enables the remote surveillance of cellphone devices. Pegasus spyware has allegedly helped governments in countries like India, to hack into the smartphones of thousands of human rights activists, journalists and politicians worldwide. According to The Washington Post, Pegasus israeli spyware attack include 189 journalists, at least 65 business executives, more than 600 politicians and government officials, 85 activists of human rights and several heads of state.

Amnesty International Security Lab performed in depth forensic analysis of smartphone devices and researchers developed MVT tool in July 2021 to let you check whether your mobile is targeted by the nso group pegasus spyware. Israeli pegasus spyware signs can be detected on your cellphones using this dedicated tool called Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT. This digital forensics tool is aimed to help you identify if the pegasus israel spyware has infected your phone including discovering pegasus network injection attacks. MVT open source forensic tool works with both Android and iOS devices but researchers discovered that it is easier to find the signs of compromise on iphone handsets than android devices due to more forensic traces available on the apple hardware. MVT open source forensic software has 5.6K GitHub stars and 436 GitHub forks.

System Requirements

Requirements to setup Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT for nso group spyware include:

  • python 3.6+
  • sqlite3
  • libusb-1.0-0
  • Git


Some of the key features of Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT for nso group pegasus are listed below:

  • Decrypt encrypted iOS backups.
  • Process and parse records from iOS system.
  • Extract installed applications from Android devices.
  • Extract diagnostic information from Android devices through the adb protocol.
  • Compare extracted records to a provided list of malicious indicators in STIX2 format.
  • Generate JSON logs of extracted records.
  • Separate JSON logs of all detected malicious traces.
  • Generate a unified chronological timeline of extracted records,
  • Generate a timeline all detected malicious traces.
  • Open Source

Installation Instructions

Install MVT On Ubuntu

This guide explains how to setup and run Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT cyber security and forensics software on Ubuntu. Below installation steps assume that all the depency packages of MVT software are installed and up to date on your system. For Linux distributions, please follow the below installing mvt steps. First install basic dependencies that are necessary to build all required tools using command:

    sudo apt install python3 python3-pip libusb-1.0-0 sqlite3

If you want to only use mvt-ios and not mvt-android then libusb-1.0-0 package is not required. Next, install MVT on Linux. Add locally installed Pypi binaries to your $PATH in .bashrc or .zshrc file using command:

    export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin

Now you can install MVT directly from pypi by command:

    pip install mvt

Or from the source code clone:

    git clone
    cd mvt
    pip3 install

That’s it. You now should have the mvt-ios and mvt-android utilities installed.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) on Linux. Enjoy!


What is MVT used for?

Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is a collection of utilities developed by Amnesty International to remove nso group pegasus spyware. It automates the process of gathering forensic traces to identify a potential compromise of smartphone devices Android and iOS iPhone.

Is Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT free?

Yes, Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) computer security and forensics tool is free to check your iPhone or Android for Israeli Pegasus spyware. It simplifies the process of acquiring and analyzing data from Android and IOS smartphone devices.

Is MVT open source?

Yes, Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT is Amnesty International open source project. MVT digital forensic framework source code repository is available on Github, reported by international media.

How to check if your smartphone is infected with spyware?

The human rights organization Amnesty International has developed a utility that allows you to identify malware like Israeli Pegasus in smartphone and it is called Mobile Verification Toolkit or MVT security forensics. Pegasus spyware was created by the Israeli company NSO Group for law enforcement agencies and intelligence services.

What is Pegasus spyware and how does it hack phones?

Israeli pegasus spyware is developed by the Israeli cyberarms firm NSO Group. Pegasus spyware hackers can install the malware in the on most versions of iOS and Android operating systems by using loopholes and security bugs. This spyware is so secretive that it can be installed with the help of just a phone miss call. The current Pegasus software version can exploit all recent iOS versions up to iOS 14.6.


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