Sqlectron | Open Source Client for MySQL and PostgreSQL

Sqlectron Database Management Tool

Free & Open Source Client for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more

Sqlectron is a fast, easy-to-use client for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and many other relational databases. It has a simple, easy to use, and beautiful interface.


Sqlectron is an open-source and 100% free database management application to work with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and many other relational databases. The application is developed in JavaScript and is highly customizable. Source code is available on Github and you can extend the features by cloning the repository.

Sqlectron is pronounced as “sequel-eck-tron”. Its simple and user-friendly interface helps beginners to access their relational databases on local and remote servers without any trouble.

Sqlectron comes with two variants. A desktop SQL client, and a terminal SQL client. If you prefer using the terminal interfaces then you should try the Sqlectron-Term. Though, Sqlectron-Term only supports PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Currently, Sqlectron supports the following databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • Redshift
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Cassandra
  • SQLite

One of the prominent features of Sqlectron is its support for the SSH Keys. It allows you to connect with your remote/local databases using both username/password and SSK Keys.

If you are looking for a MariaDB Client, MySQL Client, PostgreSQL Client, or any of the above-mentioned database server’s client. Sqlectron is a good choice for all types of teams small or medium.


  • Supports Multiple Relational Databases
  • Comes with a Terminal Interface
  • Flexible Connectivity
  • SSH Key Support
  • Its Free and Open Source


You can download the pre-built binaries for Mac or Windows from the official Github repository