Pyro is a good CMS with response control panel

Pyro Free CMS Software

An Extension to Laravel for Content Management

CMS software with a responsive control panel for better management of content for your website. Build multilingual websites with builtin localization support.


Laravel is one of the most popular web application framework for the PHP language. It has expressive and elegant syntax and development with this is an amazing experience. Laravel makes it painless for the developers to build websites quickly and faster.

Pyro is built with the Laravel and feels like an extension and makes it simple to build better websites and applications quickly. Pyro isn’t only a content management system but also a powerful engine and development platform.

Streams Platform is the core of the Pyro. It is a comprehensive suit of tooling for building powerful applications faster with Laravel. Pyro takes pride and promote Laravel to a level where it feels more about Laravel than the CMS itself.

Pyro comes with a rich set of features out of box and supports driver based file management for seamless integration with Laravel, which makes it easy to manage your assets.

Page management is one of the problems every CMS try to solve and Pyro has done a great job with powerful and easy to use page management. Posts Management is very simple and easy just like WordPress. Along with these management features it supports templating system as well using the Twig template engine.

It has built in support for user management and makes is easy to manage users, roles and permissions. Pyro also supports addons which means you can benefit from lot of free and paid addons available on the Pyro store.

System Requirements

In order to install Joomla 3.x, you must have the following softwares

  • PHP 7.3+
  • MySQL 5.5.3 + / PostgreSQL 9.1 +
  • Apache 2.4 + / Nginx 1.8 + / Microsoft IIS 7


Following are the key features of Pyro

  • 27 Field Types
  • 13 Modules
  • 8 Extensions
  • 2 Plugins
  • 1 Kickass API
  • Modules
    • Files Module
    • Pages Module
    • Posts Module
    • Users Module
    • Variables Module


The Streams Platform comes setup and ready right out of the box with PyroCMS. It’s highly recommended to start projects that may not leverage the CMS aspects of PyroCMS with a general installation and remove what you don’t need from there.

However, if you would like to install it in an existing Laravel application there are a couple things you need to do.

Install with Composer

First require the composer package by running composer require anomaly/streams-platform or adding the following line to your composer.json file:

"anomaly/streams-platform": "1.3.x-dev"

Register the service provider

Next you need to register the service provider. To do this add the following service provider to the end of the providers section in config/app.php:


Register the kernels

The Streams Platform adds low level functionality to the HTTP and console kernels. In order for this to work properly you must register the kernels in the bootstrap/app.php file:



You’re all set! You can now use addons just like PyroCMS as well as all of the other services and utilities within the Streams Platform.