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Plausible Free Business Intelligence Software

Lightweight Privacy Protected Google Analytics Alternative

Get page insights by simply installing Plausible on the website. This enterprise business intelligence solution is multi-purpose and privacy-focused.

Plausible is an open source free web analytics platform. It is lightweight (< 1 KB) and comes with very easy installation steps. In addition, this web analytics solution provides valuable stats about the users and helps site owners understand and improve site visitors’ experience. However, this open source software is cookie-less and fully compliant with international privacy laws. There is no personal data collection and cross-site tracking. Just like Google Analytics, it provides an installation script that is 45 times smaller in weight than Google analytics’s installation script. Therefore, it increases the site speed and reduces the page loading time.

This Google Analytics alternative tool lets you Analyze traffic with the help of UTM parameters. You can track 404 pages, trends, and custom events just from the UI. Moreover, the user interface of this free tool is highly simple and easy to navigate. Above all, your site’s stats are private by default, but you can share them with anyone by generating a URL of those stats. Moreover, you can secure it with a password for enhanced security.

This self-hosted business intelligence and data analytics software is written in Elixir, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Further, all documentation regarding deployment and development is available of this web analytics platform.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up Plausible include:

  • Docker
  • Git


Plausible features include:

  • No Cross-Site Tracking 
  • Utmost Privacy
  • User Friendly
  • LightWeight
  • Simple Metrics
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Quick
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Campaigns Tracking

Installation Instructions

Once the pre-requisites are installed, run the following command to download the source files:

git clone

After that, run the following command:

cd hosting

In the downloaded directory you’ll find two important files:docker-compose.yml - installs and orchestrates networking between your Plausible server, Postgres database, Clickhouse database (for stats), and an SMTP server. It comes with sensible defaults that are ready to go, although you’re free to tweak the settings if you wish.

plausible-conf.env - configures the Plausible server itself. Full configuration options are documented here.

After that, the configuration file has placeholders for the required parameters. Firstly, add your admin credentials in plausible-conf.env. Secondly, generate a random 64-character secret key which will be used to secure the app. Here’s a simple way to generate one:

openssl rand -base64 64

Now, run the server with the following command:

docker-compose up --detach

Finally, you can access this business intelligence reporting software into the browser at the following address: