Matomo is business intelligence analytics software

Matomo  Free Business Intelligence Software

Free Highly Customizable Real Time Data Tracking System

Free Google analytics alternative BI application that provides data integrity, privacy with ownership. Import your GA data of unlimited websites and users.


Matomo is an open source free analytics platform. It comes with self-hosting capabilities and is very easy to set up. This business intelligence solution offers API to create custom reports. However, an intuitive dashboard provides utmost customization where users can modify the widgets and theme. Above all, there is a complete assurance of data privacy where users have complete control. There is no limitation regarding adding websites and users. It shows all the important analytics such as location, interest, and real-time visitor information.

After that, this business intelligence and data analytics solution is very extensible as you can extend it according to your needs. Further, you can import all of your Google analytics data with no hassle of data loss. Moreover, this business intelligence analytics software is GDPR and CNIL compliant that means it respects the privacy laws. Many modules offer rich functionalities.

This business intelligence solution is written in PHP and JavaScript with little input from other languages such as HTML, Less, and CSS. In addition, documentation of this data reporting solution is available regarding development and deployment. Therefore, Users can find tons of guidance to learn the best usages of it.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up Matomo include:

  • Webserver Apache, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed
  • PHP
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater, or MariaDB


Matomo features include:

  • Open Source
  • GDPR, CNIL Compliant
  • Data Privacy
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • API
  • Extensible
  • Import GA Data
  • Easy To Use

Installation Instructions

Once pre-requisites are installed, download the source code from this link.

After that, unzip the folder and open your FTP client and upload the Matomo files in ‘binary mode’ to the desired location on your web server.

If you have SSH access to your server, you can use it instead of FTP as it is much faster:

run wget && unzip

Now, open your web browser and navigate to the URL to which you uploaded Matomo, setup the database by following the instructions given here and complete the installation process.

Finally, access the application by opening the URL into the browser.



Is Matomo open source?

Yes, this business intelligence solution is open source.

How do you use Matomo?

Matomo has to be installed on a server with both PHP and MySQL. So, at the end of the 5-minute installation, It will give you a Javascript tag which you add to the bottom of each page of your website. Matomo will then record the activity across your website within your database.

What is Matomo configuration?

To run Matomo (Piwik) your host needs a couple of things: Webserver such as Apache, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed, etc. Matomo 3. x requires PHP version 5.5. 9 or PHP 7.

Is Matomo free?

Matomo is free and comes with self-hosting capabilities.

What data does Matomo track?

In fact, Matomo tracks the user’s IP address, date, and time of the request, page title, page URL, and more.