Hypercable is open source bi tool and simple business intelligence solution for your business like google business intelligence and data analytics

HyperCable Free Business Intelligence Software

Ruby Based Fully Featured Open Source BI Tool

Powerful and high-performance scalable business intelligence and analytics alternative to Google Analytics. It is built with OpenResty, TimescaleDB, and Rails.


Hypercable is free, fast and simple open source bi tool to collect data relating to your website’s performance. It analyzes your website traffic and usage with analytics services for your business like google analytics website traffic tool. Hypercable business intelligence and analytics close the communication loop with your users and it reports how visitors on your website behave. You can use the collected data to increase visits and improve your site performance.

Hypercable business intelligence solution is one of the best bi product and known tracking service and it helps online business increase their leads and sales by showing real-time data proof. It is free, easy to use, familiar to web developers and first-party analytics for Rails. Hypercable open source bi tool is an efficient business intelligence and analytics software and it’s collector can handle 25k requests per second on the 8c32g vultr server for business intelligence software companies. Hypercable business analytics and business intelligence solutions give website owners information on how visible their site is and what type of interaction is happening between the your site and its visitors.

System Requirements

In order to install Hypercable open source bi tool, you’ll need to install following dependencies and prerequisites:

  • Rails 6.0
  • Ruby-3.0.0
  • Puma App Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • SublimeText or RubyMine Editor
  • Git Version Control


Some of the great list of features of Hypercable business intelligence application are listed below, including functionality, reporting and more:

  • Selfhost
  • Basic Metrics
  • Channel Campaign Tracking
  • Integration with Google Ads
  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Event-level raw data
  • Custom reporting logic
  • No data sampling
  • Measurment Protocol
  • Open Source


Install Hypercable on Ubuntu

Install and configure the necessary dependencies packages. Hypercable business intelligence solution is easy to setup and get started. To get started with Hypercable business intelligence and analytics, clone the repo to your computer or server

git clone https://github.com/HyperCable/hypercable.git
cd hypercable

To setup production hypercable bi product environment please follow below steps. Setup production environment

edit .env.production

Migrate rails migrations to populate production database

docker-compose -f docker-compose.production.yaml run rails rake db:migrate

Run sidekiq job scheduler to handle many jobs at the same time and then setup docker production image

docker-compose -f docker-compose.production.yaml up -d --scale sidekiq=6
git pull && docker-compose -f docker-compose.production.yaml pull
docker-compose -f docker-compose.production.yaml logs --tail="100"

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Hypercable open source bi tool. Enjoy!


What is Hypercable used for?

Hypercable is an open source and fully featured high performance scalable analytics software. It is an alternative to Google Analytics and build with redis and rails.

Is hypercable free?

Hypercable is a free to use and dowload high performance business intelligence solution.

Is Hypercable open source?

Yes, Hypercable is an open source business intelligence and analytics software. Hypercable source code repository is available at Github.

In what language is Hypercable written?

Hypercable BI tool is written in Ruby on Rails web application framework.

What is hypercable vs google analytics?

Hypercable is a fast and simple web analytics software like google analytics website traffic tool. It helps to collect and track your website traffic data to better understand your customers like google analytics.


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