Silverstripe is an easy to use CMS

Silverstripe Free Blogging Platform

Highly Customizable and Extensible Replacement of Joomla

SilverStripe is an easy to use CMS for content creators and developers. Customize your website to any level without requiring any prior development knowledge.


SilverStripe is one of the best open source PHP based content management system as well as a flexible framework which makes it equally loved by both editors and developers. With the use of SliverStripe you actually give your teams an amazing software to achieve amazing results. It has all the powers of Joomla and simplicity of WordPress all in one package.

Since its not just a CMS with simple interface it is also a full framework which makes it super flexible and extensible and makes it fit for all your business needs right out of the box. You can customise your site as per your needs and requirements. Its an easy to use CMS and doesn’t require you to be too much technical. You can be a CMS expert quickly and start delivering content to the world.

Security has been a number one problem for a lot of content creators using other platforms specially WordPress. But SilverStripe has put in special effort into security and tried to make it solid with enterprise level security and support so it takes away all your worries and keeps you at ease and rest.

Even though it doesn’t have a reach like WordPress but still has a thriving open source community which is working hard to make SilverStripe a better product for the consumers. Since it is designed for digital teams so all the members of a digital team from Developers, Marketer, Authors to IT Managers everyone loves it.


The requirements class takes care of including CSS and JavaScript into your applications. This is preferred to hard coding any references in thetag of your template, as it enables a more flexible handling through the Requirements class.

The examples below are using certain folder naming conventions (CSS files in css/, JavaScript files in javascript/). SilverStripe core modules like cms use a different naming convention (CSS and JavaScript files in client/src/). The Requirements class can work with arbitrary file paths.


Silverstripe have following key features

  • Headless & decoupled content delivery
  • Intuitive file & asset management
  • Archive, history, & version controls
  • Content blocks
  • Search engine friendly
  • User workflows & approvals
  • Multilingual
  • Accessible & responsive
  • User management

Installation Guide

These instructions show you how to install SilverStripe on any web server. Check out our operating system specific guides for Linux, Windows Server and Mac OSX.

Installation Steps

  • Make sure the webserver has MySQL and PHP support (check our server requirements).
  • Either download the installer package, or install through Composer.
  • If using with the installer download, extract it into your webroot.
  • Visit your domain or IP address in your web browser.
  • You will be presented with an installation wizard asking for database and login credentials.
  • After a couple of minutes, your site will be set up. Visit your site and enjoy!

That’s it! Congrats Silverstripe is install now