ConsenSys Quorum is an open source digital ledger technology

ConsenSys Quorum Free Blockchain Platform

Open Source DLT Network To Handle High-Speed Transaction

Build high-performance applications and configure smart contracts with this open source permissioned ledger. Trusted and supported by leading organizations.


Firstly, ConsenSys Quorum is a free open source digital ledger technology. In fact, it is self-hosted and offers many features to build blockchain-based enterprise solutions. However, users can build a public network or private permissioned network on their own premises. Above all, security standards are high to protect data in the private network. Moreover, this free software is highly extensible and developers familiar with Entereum’s tools and environment can find ease in working with it. There are multiple consensus algorithms such as Raft-based Consensus, Istanbul BFT, and Clique POA Consensus. 

In addition, this open source distributed ledger network offers a complete echo system to build plugins for needed functionalities. Further, this distributed ledger network offers features to monitor running applications and backups for databases. The ConsenSys Quorum community has developed many tools and libraries such as Quorum Blockchain Explorer, Quorum-Genesis, and more. 

This digital ledger technology is written in Go language with a little input of other languages such as JavaScript, C, and Solidity. It is easy to set up either on-premises or on the cloud. Therefore, comprehensive documentation regarding deployment and development is available of this decentralized ledger.

System Requirements

Requirements to set up ConsenSys Quorum include:

  • Nodejs v10+
  • Git
  • Yarn


ConsenSys Quorum offers the following key features:

  • Permissioned Network
  • Robust
  • Pluggable Architecture
  • Public/Private Network
  • Extensible
  • Self-Hosted
  • Secure
  • Ethereum Based

Installation Instructions

Once pre-requisites are installed, run the following command to clone the source code:

    git clone

After that, run the following commands to install dependencies:

    cd quorum-masteryarn install

Now, run the following command to automatically build on changes to any files in the src directory:

    yarn start

Finally, run the following command to start the application:

    node build/index.js


What is ConsenSys quorum?

ConsenSys quorum is a free open source Ethereum based platform for building blockchain applications.

What is quorum Blockchain?

Quorum blockchain is an open source protocol developed to use in a private blockchain network. It is the modified form of Geth client.

Who developed Quorum?

It is developed by mega-bank JPMorgan Chase with the collaboration of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

Is quorum a private Blockchain?

Yes, it is a private blockchain.

How is Quorum different from Ethereum?

Quorum is robust, efficient than Ethereum. Above all, it has the capacity to process more than 100 transactions per second.