Free Blockchain Platforms For Decentralized Applications

Blockchain is a next-generation smart contract & decentralized application platform. It offers a decentralized ledger to record the transactions in the network.

Top Open Source platform for decentralized applications

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Top Blockchain Platforms Include

Ethereum is an Open Source Platform For Decentralized Apps
Free Blockchain Based Platform Ethereum  Ethereum is an enterprise-level Blockchain Based Platform. It provides a complete framework and run time environment to build and deploy decentralized apps.
Hyperledger Fabric is an open source platform for decentralized applications
Free Blockchain Based Platform Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger Fabric is an alternative open source distributed ledger technology. It comes up with permissioned distributed ledger capabilities along with many other powerful features.
Openchain is an Open Source Blockchain Platform for digital transactions
Free Blockchain Based Platform Openchain Openchain is an alternative open source Blockchain Platform. It is scalable and provides many features such as instance level authority to validate digital transactions and no mining fee.
Ripple is an Open Source distributed payment system
Free Blockchain Based Platform Ripple Ripple is an alternative open source Blockchain Platform powered by XRP Ledger and Interledger Protocol. It is robust, secure and provides many features.
Multichain is an Open Source decentralized ledger technology
Free Blockchain Based Platform Multichain Multichain is an alternative open source decentralized ledger technology for building cross-chain applications. It is written in C++ and offers advanced security provisions.