Open Source Software Products for Every Business Function

Leverage free open source software to automate all business functions from marketing to sales. Facilitate executives build right business growth strategies.


Content Management Unleash the strategic power of content by managing content from one place - be it a single website or multilingual sites across desktop and smart devices.


Blogging Use blogging platforms to broadcast and interact with your audience electronically across the globe. Share and discuss your views with rest of the world.


Discussion Forum A discussion platform where participants post responses and engage in virtual, asynchronous discussions. Encourage audience to participate and build community.


HelpdeskA helpdesk organizes customer communication with tickets. Grow customer satisfaction by systematic issue tracking and quick responses.


Marketing AutomationAutomate email marketing, content marketing and other marketing activities. Empower marketers to analyze lead and grow business to next level.


Live Chat Facilitate your customer service representative provide online customer support. Improve customer satisfaction level with online live chat on pain points.


FormCreate survey, feedback and any other forms to capture classified information. Know your customers better by letting them speak in one on one conversation.


Transactional Email Create your own transactional email service. Notify users by sending templated emails on events like account creation, password resets, purchase receipts etc.


Newsletters Modern email marketing software provide tools to automate mailing lists and schedule newsletter. Improve success rate with builtin analytics tools.


Status Page StatusPage software is a communication tool that helps you inform users about outages and scheduled maintenance. Reduce downtime with StatusPage Software.


Invoicing Invoicing software generates invoices for services or products, and keeps track of cash flow. Improve finance management with automated book keeping processes.


 Single Sign-On  Set up centralized authentication server for multiple trusted applications. Control all organizational apps access and users management from one place.


 Rapid Application Development  Rapid Application Development framework provides full-stack architecture and RAD tools to accelerate and streamline the development process.


Open Source Shopping Cart Modern open source shopping cart software helps companies to setup their online presence. Enhance remote business at a large scale and improve sales.